Airtherapies Corporate Therapies (ACT) " Act now for a happy healthier workforce"

Our mission is to raise awareness of the benefits that regular Holistic and Alternative therapies can have on individuals or groups. We do this through the application of simple ancient effective techniques combined with modern stress management techniques. Which can impact in a positive way on the health and well being of all.

Our corporate services  

  • Employ professional, experienced, qualified staff that are dedicated to the health and well being of the person receiving our unique therapeutic treatments
  • We aim to raise awareness of the benefits of holistic therapies and alternative therapies to all.
  • Provide the best service possible, offering professionalism, variety of different services, equipment, and environments, flexibility, availability and value for money to suit your company's individual needs.
  • Alternative Individual Remedies and therapies (Air therapies) see each client as an individual and tailor each treatment to their specific needs, in the appropriate environment for that person.
  • Through our proven treatments we aim to improve physical, psychological and emotional well being of all clients
  • Our holistic and alternative therapies aim to Improve energy, vitality, health and well being of clients
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and other related conditions in the workforce to bring down levels of absenteeism
  • Promote a happier, healthier more harmonious workplace for all.
  • Increase the wellbeing of all through our many therapeutic treatments and services

Our range of therapies can be carried out fully clothed, partially clothed or if oil used directly on the body.

Therapies and Treatments we provide

  • Advance massage - This treatment can be done seated or on a massage couch. Please specify your preference when booking. This can involve dry movements (no oil) delux oil massage, or massage cream.

Choose from the following - Sweadish, Sports, Aromatherapy, Indian Head, Aruvedic (marmara massage), Acupressure, Thai foot massage, Seted massage (with a specialised massage seat).

  • Advance Reflexolgy - This treatment can be done using a specialised chair called a Laufuma or on a massage couch.

Choose from the following - ART - Advanced reflexology techniques- Vertical reflexology, Traditional reflexology and our combination therapies of aroma flex, and reiki flex.

  • Reiki - This treatment is ususally done fully clothed, sitting in a chair or on a massage couch.


Events & Conferences

Show your guests, employees, or clients how much you care with our wide range of therapies to help them to relax & be rejuvenated. Our range of therapies can be carried out fully clothed, partially clothed or if oil used directly on the body.


Charities & Fund Raising Events

We work with a number of diffferent charities and with community clubs. If you are holding an event why not contact us for further details on the services.

 We also provide Reiki treatments to Individual /groups or for animals


Other Group or Individual workshops/courses or classes


Introduction to Holistic and Alternative therapies - how they may benefit you and others

Introduction to Holistic and Alternative therapies how they may benefit your animals

Introduction to reflexology

introduction to aromatherapy

Aromatherapy product making

Holistic and Alternative therapies used for  Addictions and substance misuse

Short courses/classes

Stress management through Holistic and Alternative Therapies

Pain Management Through Holistic and Alternative therapies

Break away techniques

Treating addictions and substance misuse through Holistic and Alternative therpies


Fitness clsses

Self defence classes/courses mixed or with a female only or male only instructor

Introduction to Shin Ki Tai Ho - Simular to Tai Chi developed through the Japanese martia art of Aikido



For further information please contact us for details