Aromatherapy ( Advanced )

The origin of aromatherapy goes back in time to the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. These nations were among the first to appreciate the health and beauty benefits of essential oils, and their therapeutic uses.

Aromatherapy aims to treat the whole person by helping to restore harmony of the mind, body and spirit in each individual.

It works with the purest properties of plant or trees which can be extracted by a variety of methods. The essential oils extracted are natural and are said to improve both physical and emotional wellbeing in the person receiving this kind of complementary treatment

What to expect from an aromatherapy treatment

At airtherapies our practitioner is qualified to the high standard level 5 in aromatherapy. Therefore you can be assured of a high standard and use of advanced up to date aromatherapy techniques, oils and synergistic blends made especially for your well being.

Aromatherapy massage is the most popular form of aromatherapy treatment at airtherapies.

Before your treatment your therapist or practitioner will complete an in-depth consultation to determine the correct synergistic blend of oils most suitable for you. Aromatherapists usually work with over 50 different essential oils that have many different therapeutic properties. Once the blend of essential oils and carrier oil is mixed you will be asked to smell the end result to see if you like it.

After the consultation you will be asked to undress to you’re under garments for a full body massage or only to remove the clothes from the area that is to be treated. All clients need to remove shoes. You will be asked to lie on a therapy couch or massage chair usually face down. There will be ample towels and blankets available for you to cover up before and during the treatment to protect your modesty.

The therapist will apply a small amount of the blended oils in their hands and make sure that the oil is warmed by rubbing the hands together before apply the oil to your body in a slow rhythmic series of movements.

The therapist will ask you if the pressure is ok and adjust as required. The aromatherapy massage uses lighter pressure than other massage techniques. It is known as the gentler massage treatment.

In addition to using massage that applies aromatherapy oils to the skin, aromatherapy can be used in a steamer, oil burner or humidifier.

Aromatherapy products made for you at airtherapies

As an advanced practitioner we can and are insured to make up aromatherapy ointments, products and synergistic blends of the purest sourced essential oils for your individual health needs. These are available to purchase on request. 

Benefits of aromatherapy treatments

Improved mood

Feelings of deep relaxation

Improved sleep

Relief from stress

Increased circulation

Illuminates body of some excess waste

A general sense of wellbeing

Some conditions that have been treated by aromatherapy

PMT - hormone imbalances

Stress and anxiety


Poor circulation

Mood imbalances

Arthritis - muscle and joint pain


Colds - flu-

Sinus infection

And many more


This treatment is suitable for most but there are certain conditions where aromatherapy should be avoided or needs to be carefully adjusted. For example -

Sensitivity to certain oils


Athlete’s foot

Mental health problems

After care

Avoid stimulants - caffeine, alcohol

Drink plenty of plain water

If you can keep the oils on until the next day to achieve full benefit of their therapeutic effect.

Price for Advanced aromatherapy massage -

30 min £20

1 hour treatment £30

1hour 30min £45

Additional fee of £5 for the purest synergistic blends for you to take home.