Airtherapies Services Available


For our corporate or event services, and workshops or courses see 

These are some of the therapies and services we provide.

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·    Advanced massage  for further details see -

Swedish Massage -

Acupressure -  

Pregnancy massage -

· Advanced reflexology  for further details see -

 Fertility Reflexolgy for further details see -

 Pregnanacy and Maternity reflexology see -


· Sport Therapies See -

Sports massage - pre and post event -

Sports injuries and rehabilitation -

NMT- Neuro muscular Techniques -

Ultrasound - for injuries - 

Soft tissue release and trigger point therapy - 


· Acupuncture - for many ailments, addictions, injuries,  pain management and weight loss see

·    Hot and cold stone therapy  for relaxation, injuries and to speed up the metabolic rate

see -      


·    Emotional freedom technique - phobias, confidence, sleep problems see -

·    The Balance technique - working with crystals -

·    Oriental Body Balancing Cupping Therapy  for muscle and body imbalances including Asthma, Colds/Flu cellulite, and stretch marks see -  

·    anmo fu - deep stomach and internal organ massage see

·    Advanced aromatherapy 

     All our olis are pure and most organic providing you with the most natural and therapeutic treatment. None of our oils have been tested on animals. The pressure applied is a much lighter in this massage.  For further details on this therapy  see -


·    Reiki- Japanese energy flowing healing and deep relaxation therapy . For further details see

·    Advanced Indian head massage -  see

·    Lymphatic Drainage massage - see

·    Hopi ear candles- Thermo Auricular Therapy - see 


·     Holistic facials various available - see 


           ·    chakra balancing see -


·    ayurvedic massage see -

·    shirodhara  see -  

·   Body Wraps - Aromatherapy, Clay, Shrinking Violet, Water retention and more see - 

·    body scrub - Salt scrub, full body brushing see -

·    eye enhancements - tinting see -

·    manicures and pedicure with or without gems see - 


· Thai Foot Massage see -  

· Thai Compress massage warm or cold see -


·  Ozone Steam Treatment - see  


· Heat Therapy - see


· Paraffin Wax Treatment - see


· Weight Loss Treatments/Plans- see


· Pain Management Plans and Therapies -see


· Children Therapies and Treatments - see


· Psychic Area can be made available in the Tonypandy Clinic. For further details see


· Natural Remedies

     We make natural potions and lotions to suit your individual need from skin conditions to grief and much more. None of our holistic products are teasted on anaimal. for ideas on how to make your own easy remedies and up to date information on natural remedies available see


To keep up to date on therapy news and interesting therapy information see

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We also provide a mobile service to clients that cannot attend our clinic 

     Please get in touch with us for more details on our other products, therapies and services, that may benefit you or others .