Thermo Auricular Therapy

Is also known as Hopi ear candles or ear candling. It is an ancient form of therapy practised by many people on a world wide basis. Its name is taken from the Hopi Indians of North Arizona, USA and means 'peaceful people'.

Hopi candling is a very safe therapy and its popularity is growing as more people become aware of its positive benefits.

Though many places offer this service it is very important to have this treatment applied by a suitably quialified practitioner or therapist as permanent damage can be caused to the ear and asociated area if done incorrectly or the ear cannal is not examinded during the consultation and prior to tretament commencing.

what to expect from a thermo auricular therapeutic treatment

At Airtherapies you can be assured that our fully qualified therapists and practitioners will examine the ear thorughly on the outside and inside with the use of an optoscope making sure that there are no inside contraindications present.

You will be asked what type of treatment package you would like.We have many different treatment packages available to find out more about these see our holistic treatments page.

At airtherapies we offer you the choice of the combined therapy of aromatherapy with our unique range of professional ear candles.

Benefits of Thermo Auricular therapy treatment

Thermo Auricular Therapy does not only benefit ear problems it also helps people who suffer from anxiety, stess, sinus problems, headaches and much more below is a few of the conditions that thermo auricular therapy may help

Glue ear

sinus problems

Hay feaver

throat problems



Allergies - nasal


There are some conditions that are not suitable for this treatment

current ear infection

perforated ear drum


Avoid stimulants - caffeine , alcohol , smoking.

do not swim for 72 hours after treatment

Price £ 25 with choice of aromatherapy ear candles

relaxing lavender - Sweet orange - rose - or natural

we also have a vegan range of aztec ear candles available

Add £5 to include a relaxing acupressure facial