Oriental Body Balancing Cupping

Cupping therapy has been widely used for a variety of different ailments and conditions around the world. It is thought that the earliest records in China have been found to date back over 3000 years and in Egypt 1550 BC.

It was originally used to remove blood and poisons from the body. With the advancement of medical and clinical experience of the cupping therapy the apllication of techniques and the area's on the body has evolved into the therapy used today for many ailments and conditions.


Cupping increases blood circulation, a rise in skin temperature, the promotion of metabolism within the skin tissue, better function of sweat and subaceous glands, removing stagnant blood.

The effect of this therapy on the body is remarkable and helps aching and stiff muscles, activating secretion of synovial fluids releasing joint stiffness.

Cupping therapy increases peristalic movements and the secretion of digestive fluids thus helping problems like IBS and digestive problems.

The practitioner can tretat the spine directly and this form of the tretment has a massive impact on pain control and the operation of of the internal organs by affecting both the spinal nerves, parasympathetic nerves and sympathetic nerves.

what to expect during a oriental body balancing cupping treatment

After completing or updating the consultation form the practitioner will ask you to lie on the therapy couch. They will then apply oil to the area to be treated.

There are 2 main techniques of cupping used in the Western clinical environment and these are Suction - this is when a pump is used and Fire cupping.

Fire cupping is where a flame is placed inside a glass cup and it is taken out and the cup placed quickly on the clients body causing a suction effect.This technique is used by all practitioners at airtherapies use.

Cupping Methods

There are 5 cupping methods the practitioner will use in the clinic

  • Weak (Tonifying)

  • medium (Tonyfying)

  • strong (Draining)

  • moving Draining)

  • flash ( Tonyfying)

Oriental Body Balancing Cupping Therapy

Can be used to benefit people with the follwing problems

feaver - flu - colds


bladder problems


induce pregnancy

circulation problems


kidney imbalances


muscle and joint pain


mood swings




and many more

Price £30 per 1 hour treatment £20 for 30min. U